Fools Rush In (Part 3): Learning from the Wisdom Psalms

open bible in psalm 78

Pray for Things That Matter (Psalm 78)

Psalm 78 tells us that the people who matter are those who are faithful to God. We’re exhorted to be faithful in a number of ways.

First, we should trust God. When things are tough, and the world offers an easy way out, the people who matter trust God enough to stay the course.

Second, we should remember His works. God has given us a story, a history, that we can look back on and say, “Behold, this is my God, and this is what He did for me!” This also helps us to understand our place in His grand story.

Third, we should obey Him. This is the fruit, the outlet, of trust and remembrance. It’s useless to say, “I’m trusting the Lord,” if that trust doesn’t lead to obedience.

Biblical happiness is anchored
in God’s unfailing promises.

Fourth, we should live as part of God’s people. We benefit much more from the ministry of the Word and church life when we learn together rather than alone. This also entails a cross-generational mindset (See also 2 Timothy 2:2).

Pray for True Happiness (Psalm 112)

Biblical happiness is anchored in God’s unfailing promises. It’s thankful for times of ease and plenty, hopeful in hardship, and has a sense of unworthiness and of God’s abundant grace. This is what Psalm 112 means when it calls the godly man “blessed”.

We looked at several ingredients for true happiness: being secure in our identity as people of God, being secure in God’s care for us, and being just and generous toward others.

Not as Fools But as Godly Men and Women

God gave us prayer for great purposes. He opened the doors to the throne room of grace, so that saints could enter at any time into His holy presence, to commune with Him, to be changed by Him, to labor for exaltation of His name and the establishing of His kingdom, to weep over the souls of the lost, to plead for the Holy Spirit to come with power upon the church. For thousands of years, great men and women have come into this throne room with hearts on fire for God. Abrahams have pleaded for righteous men, Jacobs have prevailed with the Almighty, Moses’ have delivered nations, Joshuas have stopped the sun, Hannahs have conceived prophets, Davids have won battles, Solomons have gained wisdom, and Elijahs have silenced false prophets. But fools rush in to this grand throne room, to ask the Eternal God to pander to their petty, selfish desires. Brothers and sisters, let’s not pray like fools, but as godly men and women.

Pull-quote: Biblical happiness is anchored in God’s unfailing promises.

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