Fools Rush In (Part 1): Learning From The Wisdom Psalms

open bible to the book of psalms

One of the best things we can do to grow in prayer is to mature in our thinking, and we can do that by gaining wisdom from Scriptures. That’s what this series is about: learning from the Wisdom Psalms. For this series, let’s consider Psalm 78.

The message of Psalm 78 is this: The Lord is gracious and patient with his sinful people, but He will punish sin and reward faithfulness. Therefore, be faithful!

Psalm 78:7 gives us three traits of a life that matters to God:


Trust makes us receptive to God’s work in us, and prepares us for fruitful service.

God is building an everlasting kingdom in us and through us. That means we have the privilege of partnering with Him. But we deprive ourselves of this privilege when we rely on ourselves, not on Him. How can we know that we’re trusting in God? One of the indicators is a vibrant prayer life.

How frequently in a day do I pray? How much does God’s word inform and direct my praying? These are some of the questions that we should be asking ourselves.


There’s a saying, “experience is the best teacher”. We can think that we understand something, but it remains theoretical knowledge until we actually experience it.

That’s why the Lord didn’t just tell the Israelites about who He was and what He was like; He also showed them by performing signs and wonders throughout their history as a nation. He gives us a story, a history, that we can look back on and point to and say, “When God said this, that is what He meant!”

How frequently in a day do I pray? How much does God’s word inform and direct my praying?

The Israelites were prone to forgetting what God had done for them in the past. As Psalm 78:11 says, “They forgot his works”. Psalm 78:42 also says, “They did not remember his power or the day when he redeemed them from the foe”.

We need to remember God’s works so that we learn to trust Him.


Trust and remembrance relate to what goes on in our hearts and minds; obedience is what we do with our hands. Obedience is about action—the necessary expression of a godly attitude.

If we really trust the Lord and remember His works, then we will obey! There are a lot of people who say that they’re “God-fearing”, who pay lip service to God; but their actions betray them. There are many examples of this kind of men in Scripture, and they’re not the ones whose lives mattered.

Nothing will ruin our usefulness and our prayers than withholding obedience from God, than sinning willfully. So let’s walk in integrity, and repent of all our known sins, so that our prayers won’t be hindered.

Pull quote: How frequently in a day do I pray? How much does God’s word inform and direct my praying?

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