Hope in Times of Suffering (Part 2)

From time to time we have this question weighing in our hearts: Why would God allow sorrow and pain to come into our lives?

light breaking throught the clouds

A call to humility and submission

The writer’s opening statement in Lamentations 2:1 tells us that it is the Lord God who is the agent of Israel’s downfall. Why did God allow these things to happen? Because of Israel’s sin. God is holy and He will not tolerate sin.

Sorrow and pain are ultimately results of sin. Indeed, we are sinners, and the people around us are sinners. All we can do is to come to God in humility and continually ask for mercy and forgiveness; to neither blame others nor our circumstances; and to intercede for other people’s sin.

We are also called to submit to God, because He is sovereign. Whatever He plans for or directs our lives to be, He encourages us to put our hope in Him for He is still in full control—even in the midst of trying circumstances.

If we understand God’s sovereignty, we could look at suffering as something that is for our good. It is for our sanctification—for us to grow more in the likeness of Jesus Christ. It was the same with the people in the time of Jeremiah as described in Lamentations. God allowed trials to happen to them, so that they may see their sins and their rebellious hearts, and know that the Lord is God.

Godly response

The people in Jeremiah’s time responded with repentance. They learned to put their trust in God, and their hope was established in Him.

Indeed, our understanding of God’s sovereignty is revealed in the way we respond to these challenging times.

If we understand God’s sovereignty, we could look at suffering as something that is for our good.

We should, by grace, strive to live in holiness, We should be sensitive to sin and turn away from it. Let us be aware that the Lord is sanctifying us in every situation. He looks at our hearts and the way we respond in the face of difficult times. Let us persevere in prayer despite our circumstances.

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"If we understand God’s sovereignty, we could look at suffering as something that is for our good."

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