When God Says No (Part2)

thorns looking up to the sky

“A Call to Continual Dependence”

The cross is a continual call for us to depend on God, not to trust in ourselves. Missing this very vital truth greatly affects our very desire to pray. So during the times when we should be crying out to God, we perform a profound and somber spiritual recitation, and we call it prayer.

It is, therefore, God’s kindness when He interrupts our lifeless routines and calls us once more to a true dependence on Him. This is part of the truth that we see in the life of the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:1-10. As we have said the last time, Paul implored the Lord three times, that the thorn be taken away from him. Whatever this thorn was, the Lord sent it to humble Paul. Indeed, He sends these trials to us that we might grow in our dependence of Him.

God is already at work.

God is not absent when we go through trials. Our going to him in prayer simply and clearly says that He is already at work.

However, we don’t pray as we ought to, because we tend to depend on ourselves or on others. That is why even when we do the work of ministry, we don’t come to God for help as we ought to.

God is not absent when we go through trials. Our going to him in prayer simply and clearly says that He is already at work.

The greatest point of prayer is not to get the answers we want, but it is to delight in God’s purposes for us, for His glory. And one of the answers we are called to delight in is the reminder and promise of God’s grace.

God’s Grace is Sufficient.

When God answered Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you,” He affirmed the total sufficiency of His grace for every need in life—to believe the Gospel; to understand and apply the Word to all the issues of life; to overcome sin and temptation; to endure suffering, disappointment, and pain; to obey God; to serve Him effectively; and to worship Him.

His grace is sufficient because He is perfect! His grace will never lack because He is infinite! This is the kind of grace—an undeserved favor—extended to us in Christ on a daily basis. This grace is, indeed, sufficient.

Another point of grace that we must bring out is that it is God’s grace for the present. God’s grace never lacked. It has been sufficient from the day that the Lord illumined our minds to understand His grace.

When the Lord says “no” to us, He gives us the grace to see something that has always been there for us—His grace.

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Pull-quote: God is not absent when we go through trials. Our going to him in prayer simply and clearly says that He is already at work. (“A Call to Continual Dependence”)

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