Wrong Prayers (Part3)

football player kneeling before a wooden bench to pray

What motivates you to go to the Lord in prayer? The Lord Jesus reminds us of three reasons to pray.

God Knows Everything

The first reason is that God knows everything that His children need. Biblical logic says, “Because God already knows, therefore, I am given all the more reason to pray.” God’s knowledge reminds me of His care about the most minute problems of my life. Our Father sees in secret, He knows our needs, and this should motivate us to go to Him.

God’s Goodness

The second reason that the Lord Jesus gives is God’s goodness. God approves and rewards His children. Notice again the words of Matthew 6:6: “… Then your Father who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

How often do we go the Lord, haltingly? It is wrong of us if we go to pray to the Lord with unbelief—we are not fully trusting Him and His perfect goodness.

The Lord does not answer our prayers as we pray them, but as we would pray them if we were wiser.

The Lord tells us to remind ourselves of the fact that God will be better to us than we could ever conceive yourself. God always cares more about us and more about His children and more about the needs that our hearts and eyes perceive. We must not doubt His goodness, even when we don’t understand His providence.

God’s Providence

Finally, we are motivated because of God’s providence. He will reward us. He will richly provide for His children, the Lord Jesus says. It is God who provides. And He provides better than we are able to provide and better than we are able to conceive providing.

God’s omniscience, God’s goodness, and God’s providence are all reasons to go the Lord in prayer. The Lord Jesus knows that the fallen world in which we live in, often keeps us back from God in prayer. We doubt the goodness of God. But the truth is that the Lord does not answer our prayers as we pray them, but as we would pray them if we were wiser.

Do we know the joy of praying to the heavenly Father in that fashion? Are we confident that the Father loves and cares for us in that way? Do we long to converse with Him, and does our life of prayer reflect a well-worn relationship with the heavenly Father? If it doesn’t, my friends, Christ is calling us today by grace to embrace the heavenly Father, and see that He is the one who longs to be your God and to make you His people, which you can only have through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Pull-quote: The Lord does not answer our prayers as we pray them, but as we would pray them if we were wiser.

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