Are You Called to Disciple?

Disciple Making is Every Believer’s Calling

Wills embodying a dead man’s wishes can be carried out only by an executor after a person’s demise. But Jesus, the Risen Lord, gave His last command to His disciples personally in the matter of implementing His plan for the nations and the Church, for His glory alone.

The power of Jesus Christ based upon His resurrection is confirmed in Matt. 28:18. Our King (Isa. 45:21-23; Phil. 2:9-10), who is neither a ‘liar’ nor a ‘lunatic’ is surely the LORD of ALL. Such unrivaled credentials made His last command the climax and major focal point not only of this gospel [Matthew] but the entire New Testament” (J. McArthur). The bold statement is warranted given the character and circumstances of the Person giving such command.

Dr. Baker’s keynote opening reinforces the argument of McArthur above: ‘As Christians we have the greatest cause, brought to us by the greatest sacrifice.’ Thus, our going and discipling must be undertaken in light of the Lord’s last command, and only under the King’s presence, for the enterprise thrives on his promise, that ‘He is with us always to the end of the age’.

Dr. Baker next stressed the importance of an outward and upward focus in the creation of disciples and worshipers in the Church and among the nations. It must then be asked: What is his purpose for the Church? What is his purpose for Christians? If the church is entrusted with the greatest cause, then it must also have the greatest effect, both in its reach and in its depth. Are your eyes looking at the nations (Gen. 1:26-28, Ps. 67, Isa. 12, Hab. 2:14, Rev. 5)? Are you dedicated in making disciples (Rom. 8:28-30; Col. 3:9-17)?

The command to go, however, is not completed by spreading the Gospel content only, for there is public identification (baptizing) and observing, living out, or keeping (sound theology) involved. Thus, the four-fold aspects of maturity were identified: content (knowledge), character (good works of the head, heart, and hands), competence (expertise and skill) and community/church (the local church composed of believers/disciples).

"All humans are worshipers,” added Dr. Baker, as he explained why men and women tend to make gods out of the things they attain, enjoy, or possess. But like the woman at the well and the rich young ruler, the Lord still calls men and women today to pledge allegiance to him, not to their ‘rock/s’, or the people/things that provide them a false sense of security.

A shining example of a life beautifully transformed by the Gospel is that of Paul, who switched loyalties from things or persons to the Person of Jesus Christ (Phil. 3). See also: Luke 18:18-27, John 4:13-24 and Matt.13:44-46). But what is the extent of this switch of trust? Dr. Baker highlighted here the three (3) aspects of saving faith: notitia (pertaining to the mind), assensus (pertaining to the emotions) and fiducia (pertaining to the will). In sum, salvation and transformation is of the whole person, or it is not salvation at all.

With church leaders as pacesetters, and members involved in one-anothering, we can witness the power of the Gospel do what is humanly impossible, i.e., effect change. And that power continues to enable us to live for the Lord whom we love. After all, the problem of Larry (and ours) is not merely behavioral --- it is a heart issue.

Larry’s STOREE may be our story, too, for we’ve all been saved by grace by the Lord Jesus Christ, and by said grace are being sustained to persevere. Thus, there is hope, no matter what level of maturity we are in at present, for the power of the Gospel can do what is humanly impossible to transform us from within. That same power continues to enable us to love, know, speak, and do (4Hs), exemplifying Christlike 4C lives that are dedicated only to worship the Lord to whom our allegiance is pledged. Praise the Lord!

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