The Road to Revival: A Passion for the Word, Part1

Many people who desire revival are looking into organizing meetings, inviting speakers who make powerful appeals, gathering for extended times of intense prayer, and listening to people with testimonies and claims of miraculous displays of power. The component of true revival which is often neglected is clearly attested to in Psalm 19:7a which reads,

"The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul" (ESV)

Maybe you have come to recognize that all is not well with your spiritual life. If you desire to be brought back to your first love, to truly repent of sin and return to the Lord, to have your spiritual life revived, to be refreshed by the work of God, and to repair what you have broken, you must look to the law of the Lord to restore your soul. Only the law of the Lord can bring you out of your spiritual apathy, lethargy, and complacency. God has given us His word that through it we might stir up the passion.

The word of God, is referred to here as"the law of the Lord". God gave us His word to teach us about who He is and how we should relate to Him. God has provided us His laws and instructions to direct us, guide us, and show us how to live. The law of the Lord is that which God uses to renew our minds with a fresh understanding of God's character, our sinfulness, the way of salvation, the discipline of grace, and the way to walk with God again (2 Tim. 3:16-17).

The law of the Lord is described here as being wholly true, perfect, complete, whole, not lacking anything, and having integrity. This means that nothing has to be added to God's word, because it lacks nothing. Nothing in God's word needs to be corrected because all of it is reliable and true. Thus, it is sufficient to accomplish God's work of reviving His people.

The psalmist repeatedly prayed to God,

“Revive me according to Your word.” (Ps. 119:25, 107, 154)
“Revive me according to Your ordinances.” (Ps. 119:149, 156),
“Revive me in Your ways.” (Ps. 119:37).

God's reviving (life-giving) word displays God's character, His righteousness (Ps. 119:40), and His lovingkindness (Ps. 119:88, 159). The psalmist holds on to God's word, His precepts, because it is by them that he is revived (Ps. 119:50, 93).

In the Old Testament, God's Spirit brought about a great revival upon the nation of Israel during ministry of Ezra and Nehemiah; the means by which He accomplished this was through His word (Neh. 8:1). The work in the hearts of the people was seen in their united and renewed desire and eagerness to learn from God's word. For instance, Nehemiah records that the people of Israel stood from early morning unitl midday while listening attentively to God's Word (Neh. 8:2-3). Indeed, they devoted themselves to the teaching and exposition of the Scriptures (Neh. 8:8).

If we desire God's work of revival then we must give ourselves to His word, trusting it to stir up our spiritual passion and bring about revival. There are many ways by which we can nurture our faith in God's word, like studying and meditating on God's word daily; memorizing Scripture; attending Bible study in cell groups; and listening to preaching with practical applications in terms of repenting of sin, and living in obedience. And as we grow in God's word, God restores our spiritual life.

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